Group Discounts
10 -19: $200.00 per
20 - 29: $150.00 per
30 and up: $100.00 per


Starting at $300

Corporate Events

$350.00 per hour
2hr min

Personal &
Non-Profit Events

$300.00 per hour
2hr min


Starting rates:
In Studio: $600.00
on Location: $750.00

Blanc Photographie’s Payroll Portrait Program

You understand the importance of having up-to-date headshots of your staff, just as we understand the budgetary concerns that may be holding you back.
So in order to ensure that every member of your staff has access to our service, Blanc Photographie has developed our exclusive Payroll Portrait Program.
The program operates at a BUDGET
NEUTRAL cost to your organization.

Please contact us via email at
blancphotographie@gmail.com or call 716-319-8979 for complete details about the Payroll Portrait Program.

How the Payroll portrait program works:

1. All headshots will be captured on location at company offices.

2. We will create a pop-up Studio at your preferred location (12 X 15 minimum room) by bringing our full studio equipment including our strobe system, stands, reflectors, modifiers, and our custom background for the shoot.

3. We will provide coaching and direction to each employee to get the best results.

4. Each subject will receive the best four (4) professionally retouched files for their portfolio. The files will be picked by our editing team. The files can be used for their websites, promotionals, marketing, and branding, including on social media and media kits as needed.

5. No appointments will be needed, we will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

6. We will work with either the Marketing & Communications or Human Resources departments to notify and instruct your employees.

7. We will need to be at the company campus for one week at a minimum every six months to service the employees as needed. We can make ourselves available as often as one week per Month until we’ve captured all interested employees

8.This proposal is covering our work for any interested employee. We can start capturing Headshots as early as 7:00 am and can stop as late as 7:00 pm for the full week. But we will arrive at least an hour early to set up the first day. We will need the room to be secured overnight.

9.Employees can expect to receive the high-resolution retouched photo files within 5 business days of the completed payroll payment and the receipt of the roster and payments to Blanc Global Dynamism, LLC.